How to create and manage a page?

This page is for promoting and managing your Product/Brand, Company, Artist, Entertainment, Cause, Public Figure in our Wakhal platform.

1. Click on Explore and a drop-down of options will appear.

2. Click on Pages and the below page will appear.

3. Fill up the Page details form and click on Create Page to create the community.
a) “Page Name:“- Enter the name of the page.
b)”Page Url:” -The Url will be like “”+Enter the name of Url.
c)”Page Website:“- Enter the website of the page you are trying to promote.
d) “Short Description:“- Write a short description of the page.
e)”Type of Page:“- Select the classification of page 1) Brand or Product 2)Company, Organisation or Institution 3)Artist, Public figure 4) Entertainment 5)Cause or community

4. You can also manage your previously created page by clicking on My Pages.

For any issue please contact us.
Wakhal Team will be happy to help you!

Best Wishes,
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