How to create a survey in Wakhal?

1 . Click on “Survey”  of your home screen of Wakhal. 

2 . The below page will appear with detail about the survey.

a) Enter Survey Title
b) Enter Survey Question
c) Enter Answer Type  from radio buttons( Direct, Fact and Selective)
d) Select Survey Ends on date form Calendar
e) Select the background color of your survey

3 . Click on “Post” button to post on your homepage. Below is a sample of a survey.

4 . To see your survey result, click on “My Survey” of right corner profile picture icon.

5 . Below page will appear and click on View to see the result. You can also extract the result into the following format – CSV, Excel and Print format.

For any issue please contact us.
Wakhal Team will be happy to help you!

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Wakhal Community – #wakhalishere