What is wakhal?

It is exciting to see the growing Manipuri diaspora all over the world today. They perform, they excel and they thrive where ever they land. But, the geographic separation makes them dearly miss the joy of togetherness with their own people – back-home or elsewhere.

No more worries! We have found a new place for you to hangout!

Introducing Wakhal, the new home for all the Manipuris in cyberspace. For the first time, Wakhal has been created as a cyber platform for the Manipuris to discover, connect, and hangout themselves with a plethora of items to share.  Exchange ideas, survey opinions, launch campaigns for a cause, organize competitions, watch movies, enjoy songs and browse the extensive knowledge archive. Wakhal has something for everyone!

Sign up today at Wakhal.com or download mobile apps. Meet other Manipuris at Wakhal and discover that you are no longer alone!

Best Wishes,
Wakhal Community – #wakhalishere